Why Serious Brands Hire a Team Of Website Builders

For the common people, a programmer is a person who does things on a computer. When businessmen start growing their business, they have so much to do. Not everything can be done alone, of course, so they hire a team to help with different matters.

When it comes to the website that will represent the company, many of them think that all is needed is one person who’ll do everything. Most of the time, they’re right, one person that is skilled enough to build a functional website. They will look at this Forbes article, and they’ll get it done. Will this be a proper way to introduce the company to the online public? No!

Why is it like that? Because one person can’t be skilled in all the parts a serious website needs. That’s the reason why big companies and brands hire entire teams of different programmers skilled in different areas. One person will find some open-source scripts that look okay and will sell it to the customers as their own piece. This is basically theft but you’ll be surprised how many people get away with it.

After a couple of months when something goes wrong, the same person isn’t available to fix the bugs and the problems. Just when everything starts going great, the website crashes and no one can get it back online. That is why no serious businessmen use one person to do the job.

How many is optimal?

Considering that building a website involves professionals from many different areas, we can say that the minimum is around 10.

Every website starts by buying a domain and a hosting service. This means you either need hiring someone to take care of this or paying someone to do a one-deal job. However, that’s at least one.

Then you need to physically create it. As we already mentioned, there are tons of already done templates, but if we’re talking about serious and proper work, then you need front and back-end developers that will build codes for both the look and the background. At the same time, you need a graphic designer who understands color, trends and has an overall experience with how your page should look like for the users. See here what these types of companies offer: https://www.softeq.com/backend_development

Once it is out online, it needs to be filled with content. This means you need a copywriter and an editor at least. They will write about your company, what it does, what is its objective, and everything needed for creating a good image. When things start rolling, you’ll need a person, preferably the same copywriter you already hired, to write the news and announcements.

Then comes the marketing part. A lot of communication with clients today happens online. You need a person who’ll manage the official e-mail contact form, will communicate with clients and will write newsletters. Even though this is a job for the copywriter, it’s best if you have two different people because it’s a different skill writing a mail offer and a product article.

At the same time, you need marketing professionals who understand the world of SEO, social networks and brand promoting. These are all different professions and it depends on you how many people you think it’s enough for the beginning.

So, if we do the math, we come to a sum of 10 people as we said. This is not a number that is a must nor it’s something you can’t do with, let’s say, 9 people. If your human resources team do a good job, you can get by with even less. See another great article and a thorough research about how to build a website: https://medium.com/swlh/1-what-do-you-need-to-build-your-own-website-30-days-of-medium-1ed1ad4e505c


It’s a real shame to have a poor web page and a big company. We live in a time when websites are the main ID card of the company. It creates the image and speaks for the business. The internet page isn’t just a place where customers can learn more about what you do, but it’s a place that will convince the customer to buy. Moreover, it’s a place where customers will spend money right away if your site is made in a way that will take their attention.

Frederic M. Kolodziej

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