For students and science professionals, finding the best graphing calculator for your specific need can be a daunting task.  Manufacturers aren’t really in the business of advertising what they can’t do, and sometimes a missing feature can make a $100/£80 investment as useful as lighting your money on fire. Fortunately, […]

What is a Chromebook? By now, you’ve likely heard or seen the word thrown around. You might even have used one yourself. But, if you’re still asking that question, then you’ve come to the right place. Chromebooks are essentially lightweight laptop alternatives that run on ChromeOS. They’re designed to handle […]

A username or email address and password can keep your accounts and personal information relatively safe, but the need for more robust security measures has become more obvious over time. Hackers can compromise user accounts in various ways, and our information isn’t always as safe as we’d like to think. […]

As lockdown restrictions across the world are only lightly beginning to lift, huge numbers of the global workforce will remain working remotely for much of the year – and beyond. For those used to commuting and now find themselves working from home, the lack of a daily commute may have […]

Information is currency in the digital era, and with many companies around the world being forced to change their business practices because of Covid-19, this currency has become even more attractive to cyber criminals, underlining the need to backup with a disaster recovery plan.  About the author Luis Corrons is […]

Welcome to our pick of the best all-in-one computers money can buy in 2020. One this page you’ll find top picks for all-in-one PCs that offer the power of a traditional desktop PC, but with all the internal components installed in the display, which makes them ideal for decluttering your […]

Intel’s incoming 11th-generation Tiger Lake-U mobile processors will offer twice the graphics performance of 10th-gen Ice Lake chips, according to leaked benchmarks. Notebookcheck got its hands on 3DMark Fire Strike Results which reveal that Intel Xe Gen12 graphics, integrated into Intel’s incoming Tiger Lake-U processors, will offer twice the performance […]