Several applications designed to spy on another person’s phone activity have evaded Google advertising filters, despite recent attempts to crack down on so-called stalkerware. Google issued an updated ads policy in July, which banned vendors from advertising any product used to track or monitor another individual without consent. The company […]

Right now, many governments around the world are pushing what are merely ‘exposure notification’ apps for smartphone users rather than full-blown contact tracing apps. Proper contact tracing includes the ability to track down and pinpoint where exposure and transmission has actually occurred through interviewing those infected about their patterns, recent […]

I have been fortunate enough to be part of a Portuguese working group that is actively analyzing and discussing the security and privacy implications of a future contact tracing app in Portugal. In particular, with regard to securing these apps from potential threats. We have seen some countries taking different […]

Google’s low-cost Chromebook devices are finally getting support for fully-fledged desktop Windows applications – to a point. While Chrome OS has been able to run Windows apps for some time, users have only been able to access apps that are streamed via the cloud through a Parallels Remote Application Server. Google […]