Lenovo IdeaPad 81UT00EAUS – $379.99 at BestBuy
(roughly £300/AU$550)
This AMD Ryzen-powered business laptop from Lenovo is as well suited to play as it is to work – and is available at an extremely affordable price point. It lacks a few features businesses users might look for, but none that can’t be added via third party software or an upgrade to Windows 10 Pro.View Deal

In recent years, the boundary between business and consumer laptops has grown increasingly blurred. Sure, hardcore gaming laptops and enterprise models have their own unique traits (e.g. dedicated graphics cards for the former and sophisticated management features for the latter), but that doesn’t necessarily apply to entry level devices.

The IdeaPad 81UT00EAUS from Lenovo, for example, belongs to the popular S145 family, which is equally well-suited for home and business use. Available from BestBuy for $379.99 (roughly £300/AU$550), it’s currently out best business laptop deal.

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